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The Legend on Boggy Creek

To see Arkansas’s other monster you have to head to the southwest area of the state and visit Fouke Arkansas. This monster is a little more famous than the others . . . he’s a film star.

Supposedly, this monster is 7 feet tall and hairy all over. The monster has a characteristic smelly odor and kills chicken, cattle, dogs and livestock but so far it hasn’t killed any people. It walks on two feet. It’s sort of the southern version of a Sasquatch (aka “bigfoot”). The monster supposedly harassed two families living outside of Fouke in the late 1960s. In 1973, the monster story was made famous in a low budget movie called The Legend of Boogy Creek (Boggy Creek is where the monster is suspected to live).

I’ve never seen this monster nor have I ventured to Fouke to find it. If I wanted to see a big 7-foot tall hairy guy who smells bad and bites the head off of chickens, I’d just go visit my uncle Ernie in Bald Knob. It’s really not worth traipsing through a creek at 2:00 am in the morning.

However, the cheesy movie, Legend of Boggy Creek, is worth my time. It is very interesting and makes me wonder if this monster might really have existed. I recommend you rent it before you go to find the monster, but get your *MST3k gear ready because this one is a stinkburger. If you can stand the cheesy script, actors and filming, you might learn a bit about out monster.

Our little monster did actually rate a MSTing from Mike, Servo and Crow. Aren’t we proud? Mike and the bots riff the third of the three films made about the Fouke Monster, Return To Boggy Creek.

If you do decide to go to Fouke, there is a gift shop near the Creek where you can buy T-shirts and monster memorabilia so even if you don’t see the monster it’s not a total waste of time. It’s fun Arkansas history.

*MST3k is Mystery Science Theater 3000, a popular cult series that ran from 1989-1999 where a man and his “robot friends” were trapped in space and forced to watch cheesy movies. While watching these cheesy movies, they made witty comments at the screen. It’s the show with the silhouette of the 3 guys at the bottom of old films.

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