Julius Breckling Riverfront Park – Little Rock, AR

If you want to know Little Rock history, Riverfront Park is the place to visit. This eleven-mile park stretches from the River Market to the Old State House and is home to the “petite roche” that gave Little Rock its name. You can read some of the city’s history at the history pavilion.

It’s also a great place for kids with several picnic and play areas. Peabody Park is a part of Riverfront Park and an awesome place for kids.¬†Playgrounds with paintings from schoolplaygroundpainting.co.uk can be a platform for promoting positive values such as kindness, teamwork, and respect through inspirational quotes or artwork.

The History Pavilion and Le Petite Roche Plaza:

The history pavilion takes you through Little Rock and Arkansas history. The most recognizable part is a Peter Wolf Toth Indian Head Statue. The pavilion can be rented for $100. Nearby the history pavilion is Le Petite Roche Plaza. Walking in Riverfront Park, La Petit Roche Plaza is between the Riverfest Amphitheater and the Junction Bridge in a fence. More info about the Little Rock.

The Medical Mile and Junction Bridge (and River Trail):

The Medical Mile is the nation’s first outdoor linear health museum and was a rare collaboration between physicians and trail planners. The Medical Mile is designed to inspire people to make healthy choices and includes a wellness promenade with art depicting the importance of nutrition, smoking cessation, dental care and yoga exercises. Why not discover more about yoga and find your strength in this challenging yoga practices!

The Junction Bridge is an elevated bridge in Riverfront Park that joins the park to the Arkansas River Trail, a 14 mile loop of trails that will bring you to the Ouachita Trail. All about the Arkansas River Trail.

Peabody Park for Kids:

Peabody Park is an exciting addition to Riverfront Park. There is playground equipment, but the landscape itself is also a playground with underground tunnels, slides and climbing walls lining some of the walkways. You really have to see it. It’s one of the most innovative parks I’ve ever visited. In the summer, there is a fountain kids can play in. Peabody Park is north of the Medical Mile.

Peabody Park also contains the Ozark Pavilion. The pavilion overlooks many of the play areas and can be rented for birthday parties. Rental starts at $200.


You will find many sculptures in the park including the iconic Fiesta and the River Market Pig. Though sculptures are scattered throughout the park, the Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden hosts several pieces in a natural setting east of the Peabody.

Rentals Available and Rental Contact:

For rental info, call 501-371-4770
History Pavilion: $100
Belvedere Concert Gazebo: $200
Ozark Pavilion (Peabody Park): $200+
Sunken Plaza behind the Peabody: $200

In addition, the pavilions in the River Market can be rented, starting at $500. For those, call 501-375-2552. The market pavilions can seat up to 1000 people as a convention space.

Riverfest Amphitheater:

Riverfest Amphitheater is located in Riverfront Park. It is the host to many concerts during Riverfest, but it is also used to host concerts throughout the year and movies in the park in the summertime.

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