Holidays in Little Rock

It’s holiday time in Little Rock and I have your guide to eating, shopping and enjoying the season.


Thanksgiving is the day to slow down before the holiday rush begins. Did you know that Arkansas is the number 4 producer of turkey’s in the nation? We produce more than 24 million turkeys a year! That means that bird on your table just could have come from Arkansas.

Christmas Events & Light Displays

Winter in Arkansas means ice skating in the River Market, shopping, parades and events all over the state. We also have some awesome light displays throughout the state.

Volunteer and Donate

After Christmas

New Year’s Day traditional meals in the South include hog jowls for wealth and black-eyed peas for health. Cabbage is also said to bring wealth, but it’s “purse” or spending money. Find out more about New Year’s in Arkansas here.

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