Find Information About People in Pulaski County

I don’t really recommend you spy on your neighbor, but the following resources are good to check out if you’re moving into a new area (or good to check occasionally anyway).

Look for a Criminal History

Court Records:

Court records are a matter of public knowledge and most Pulaski County court records are available online for free.  I actually found an unknown warrant on a relative when I did a quick search of these records.  The Pulaski County Clerk website has images of many official court papers.  You can search by name or date.  It might be worth checking yourself out to make sure you don’t have an unknown warrant.

Pulaski County Court Records Search

Sex Offender Database:

Before you move into a neighborhood, you might want to check it out on the sex offender database map. The database allows you to search for sex offenders by name or enter a location and see if there are any sex offenders around.  When an offender is located, the database displays a general idea of what they did, their level of risk, a photo and a general address (it doesn’t give you the offender’s actual house address).

Search the Sex Offender Database

Search for Inmates:

You can search for current inmates, but arrest records for past inmates are not available.  The search will pull up what the person was arrested for, a photo and past arrests.  This search spans several facilities in Arkansas.

Inmate Search

Just Be Nosy

Marriage Records:

You can use the Pulaski County Clerk search to search for marriage records too.  With a name, you can pull up the date the license was filed for and the date the marriage was filed. It has all the information you would find on a license, like maiden names and parents names.  The data doesn’t seem 100% complete for marriages older than 1970.

Marriage Record Search

State and City Salaries:

If the person you want to snoop on works for any state, city or federal office (including schools, parks and more) you can search for their salaries on the Arkansas Democrat/Gazette’s right to know page.  Scroll about halfway down the page. Salaries are not shown for those making less than $38,000 a year.  Learning typical salaries might help on your job hunt.

Find Out How Much They Make

Help With Your House Hunt:

Real Estate Search:

The Clerk’s office has some real estate searches, but I prefer the Pulaski County Search at the Pulaski County Accessor’s office.  You can search over 60 different fields.  Results usually give you all past sales for a home, the school district the home is in, square footage, remodeling permits, a floor layout, information about construction type, number of bedrooms and baths.  You can also find the current appraisal value and property tax information. Good information if you’re trying to relocate.

Pulaski County Search

Remodeling Search:

This isn’t as concrete as the rest of the searches, but Houzz has a remodeling Real Cost Finder.  Since remodelers are independent contractors, it’s almost impossible to find out what your neighbors spent (unless you ask them), but Houzz relies on surveys to find out area averages.  They will tell you the average low and high-end costs to remodel a bath, kitchen, deck or whatever else you want remodeled.

Real Cost Remodeling Finder

Crime Map:

You can find out what areas have the most crime with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s crime map.

Crime Map / Most Dangerous Areas

Information for Genealogy:

Date of Death:

The Social Security Death Index is searchable online at several different ancestry sites.  FamilySearch.Org has a free search engine.

Search the Social Security Death Index


Going to the advance news search and clicking “archive” on Google will allow you search 200 years of archived newspapers.  There is a good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for.  The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has an archive that goes back to 1994, but it is not free.  Articles are $2.95 each.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette / Google News Advance Search

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