Booking a Party Band in Little Rock

Booking a live band can make a big difference to your event.  Live Bands are generally more interactive than DJs and put on a real show.  It's normally advised to check the band out before you hire them.  Many local dance bands also play at venues around the city.  Take the time to hear them play.  You also need to be sure your venue has the acoustics and space needed for a live band before you hire one.  Be sure you have a contract.  If contracting a wedding or family event, you might ask if you can see and approve the setlist, because you don't want to offend your in-laws on the very first day.

Central Arkansas Entertainment

Central Arkansas Entertainment has a wide variety of entertainers they can pull from.  They have DJs, bands, karaoke and even classical violinists and jazz pianists.  They can provide things like dance floors, confetti cannons, photo booths and more and can stage some sound and lighting effects for a big entrance or first dance.  You can get an instant quote online.  501-772-0067.

Little Rock Entertainment Agency

Little Rock Entertainment Agency has live bands, DJs, novelty acts and more.  They also have classic artists and a wide variety of bands to choose from.  They can provide sound and lighting systems for any event. You can 501-396-9435.

Porter-Jones Entertainment

Porter-Jones is a professional booking agency located in Fayetteville.  They handle many different live bands and musicians.   They have jazz, blues, dance music, and solo artists. 501-663-2389.

Hire a DJ

If a live band is outside of your price range, think about hiring a DJ.  They can be fun and keep the party jumping, but are normally significantly less expensive than a live band.  Just be sure you pick one that will interact with your guests and keep them dancing!

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