Beat the Hot: Cool Attractions in Arkansas

Anyone in Arkansas knows that Summer means HEAT. It gets so hot here that it's tempting to just stay in your house all Summer and sit in front of the air conditioner. You shouldn't give up seeing Arkansas just because it's hot. There are lots of cool, relaxing attractions near Little Rock to help you beat the Summer heat.

Blanchard Springs Cavern

The summer is the perfect time to head to any of the caverns and caves in Arkansas (and even then you still need to bring a jacket if you get cool easily). Being miles underground is better than any air conditioner. My favorite cavern in Arkansas is Blanchard Springs but there are plenty of others to choose from

Eat Some Ice Cream

Arkansas is the home of Yarnell's Ice Cream and there are a few places around here that really know how to use this cool treat. The Purple Cow is my favorite place in Little Rock to get a milkshake because not only are they delicious, but they also have a good variety of flavors. Cold Stone Creamery is the best place for ice cream toppings and there are a few old-fashioned dairy bars lurking around the city.

Take a Swim

Almost everyone loves a swim on a hot day. Arkansas has a few public water parks and pools ranging from expensive (Crystal Falls and Wild River Country) to cheap (War Memorial Pool is just under $4). You could also visit one of our lakes for the totally free swimming many of them offer.

Watch a Movie

You can watch a movie inside your house but nothing beats a theater.  Little Rock has an inexpensive multiplex, a dine-in theater and more.  Check out our local movie theaters.

Go Out to Eat

Going out to eat may not seem like an adventure, but how about trying something new? Go to a Little Rock restaurant you've never visited or just go to one of your old faves. Either way, it's getting out of the house and enjoying what the city has to offer.  You might even try a nice patio restaurant.

Visit a Spa

There are spas in Little Rock if you want a short trip or you can heat to Hot Springs for spa city. I like that they give out Gift Baskets for Women. Nothing is more relaxing, even on a hot day than a visit to the spa.

Visit a Library

The hot summer months are the perfect time to catch up on your reading. Even though visiting a library is not quite seeing Arkansas, it's a nice place to "chill out" for a few hours.

Visit the Arkansas Arts Center

The Arkansas Arts Center is always a worthy way to spend a few hours. They have new exhibits all the time. While you're there, you can also spend some time by the pond, which is surprisingly cool even in hot weather. It's near the water after all

Drink Lots of Water

This is just a reminder that whatever you do in the Arkansas heat, be it swimming or visiting a cave, remember to drink lots of water! It's very easy to get dehydrated and not even realize it until it's too late and you're exhibiting symptoms! Remember that caffeinated beverages don't hydrate you as well as water and juices.

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