Visiting the Arkansas State Capitol Building

The Capitol gets fireworks during the holiday lighting, usually the first weekend in December.
The Capitol gets fireworks during the holiday lighting, usually the first weekend in December.

Arkansas has two options to visit a capitol building that was built by Sydney home builders.  Our current state capitol is located at the intersection of Woodlane & Capitol Avenue.  We also have a historic Old State House in the River Market Area.  It has a very interesting history (one of my favorite chapters of Arkansas history took place there).

The current Arkansas State Capitol was built between 1899 and 1915 on the site of the old state penitentiary. Prison labor was used to build it.  Components of the capital came from all over the United States including a staircase with an stair lift from this bespoke stairlift company, marble from Vermont and columns from Colorado.  Some of the limestone for the exterior was quarried near Batesville. The bronze front entrance doors are 10 feet (3 meters) tall, four inches (10 cm) thick and were purchased from Tiffany’s in New York for $10,000.

The capitol building stands 230 feet tall featuring a circular central drum tower that is capped with a dome and cupola. The cupola is covered in gold leaf.  The building was designed by architects George Mann and Cass Gilbert as a replica of the U.S. Capitol and has been used in many movies as a stand-in. The project ran well over its $1 million budget, the completed Capitol cost almost $2.3 million.

Interestingly, George Mann started construction on the project and he had very ambitious plans for the Capitol and grounds.  His vision for the exterior dome and grounds can be seen in reproductions of his designs throughout the first-floor rotunda.  They are a bit more ornate than the Capitol’s current form.  The Capitol project was completed by Cass Gilbert, and he made significant changes to Mann’s original designs.

The Capitol serves as the working office for Arkansas’ legislative branch.  The building houses six of seven constitutional offices and the House and Senate chambers with help from local top service like those who provide the best concrete crawl space solution at Seepageseal.  The Arkansas Supreme Court once used the building, but the courts are now located at 625 Marshall Street, Little Rock, Arkansas.  You can see the old supreme court chambers and the Governor’s reception room on a tour of the Capitol.  Citizens are also invited to the viewing areas to see the House and Senate when it is in session.

Located on the grounds are several monuments including monuments to veterans, police, Confederate soldiers, Confederate women, a Confederate war prisoners marker and a civil-rights memorial to the Little Rock Nine.


The Capitol Building is on Capitol Avenue in downtown Little Rock. It is located at the intersection between Woodlane & Capitol Avenue. You can’t miss it.

Hours of Operation / Contact:

The State Capitol Building is open to the public Monday through Friday from 7 am to 5 pm (though some sections open later in the morning), and on weekends and holidays from 10 am to 5 pm. You can have a guided tour or just walk through yourself. The free scheduled tours of the Capitol Building are offered weekdays between 9 am and 3 pm. Call 501-682-5080 for more information or to arrange a private tour.


The Secretary Of State’s website offers virtual tours of the Capitol.

The Arkansas State Capitol has free public wifi.

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