Visit The Two Rivers Bridge Pedestrian Bridge in Little Rock Arkansas

Two Rivers Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that marks the western part of the Arkansas River Trail loop. Contrary to its name, the bridge doesn’t connect two rivers. It connects to Two Rivers Park, which is located at the confluence of the Arkansas and Little Maumelle Rivers.

Two Rivers Bridge has been great for bikers and hikers. Two Rivers Park is a desirable path that was often overlooked because of the hassle of getting there. The trail is currently connected in a 14-mile loop to downtown Little Rock and North Little Rock, and offers access to Pinnacle Mountain State Park. Plans are underway to make access to Pinnacle easier.

Leashed pets are allowed on the bridge and the River Trail. Please clean up after them!

Bridge History:

Of the Arkansas River Trail pedestrian bridges, the Two Rivers Bridge is only the second bridge that was built from scratch. The other new bridge is the Big Dam Bridge. The project was built by Jensen Construction, the same company that built the Big Dam Bridge. The two bridges are very similar in design.

One eye-catching difference is the middle section of the Two Rivers bridge. The other pedestrian bridges on the Arkansas River Trail are re-purposed railway bridges. The Two River Bridge gives a nod to those bridges with its red middle section, which is designed to mimic a railway bridge.

Where / Hours:

The Two Rivers Bridge is located at just west of I-430 off River Mountain Road (map).

The Two Rivers Bridge is open 24 hours, seven days a week unless otherwise announced.

Fun Facts:

The Two Rivers Bridge is 1,368-foot long and has 13-spans.

The Two Rivers Bridge cost $5.3 million to build. The U.S. Department of Transportation paid 80-percent and Pulaski County paid the rest.

It opened to the public July 23, 2011.

The LED lights on the Two River Bridge are reminiscent of the Big Dam Bridge, however the light and color “shows” are not as impressive. The railway middle section seems to glow spectacularly when the LED lights are on, which is a nice touch. Sunset is a spectacular time to get photographs of or from the bridge.

You can see the 430 bridge and the Big Dam Bridge from the Two Rivers Bridge.

Two Rivers Park:

Two Rivers Park is a 1000-acre tract co-owned by the City of Little Rock and Pulaski County at the confluence of the Arkansas and Little Maumelle Rivers (hence the name). It has been a popular place for walkers and cyclists because of the natural setting. Getting there was a problem before the bridge.

Two Rivers Park offers approximately 450 acres of mostly wooded wetlands area and 550 acres of open fields. It is the most natural portion of the River Trail. You could be running next to deer or other wildlife, making it perfect for birdwatchers, photographers and nature enthusiasts.

The Two Rivers Park “Garden of Trees” project showcases native trees by transforming some of the fields into walk-able gardens of trees.

Eventually, the Arkansas River Trail will connect Two Rivers Park to Pinnacle Mountain and the Ouachita Trail.

The Six Bridges:

One of the most prominent features of the Little Rock skyline has always been the “six bridges” over the Arkansas River (photo of the six bridges from the Butler Center). The Clinton Presidential Center was designed to look like a bridge in reference to that skyline. Those six bridges are the Baring Cross Bridge, the Broadway Bridge, the Main Street Bridge, the Junction Bridge, the I-30 Bridge and Rock Island Bridge.

Another set of bridges is being designed to connect the parks along the Arkansas River and allow people to hike or bike from the Clinton center to Pinnacle Mountain and the Ouachita Trail. Four of those bridges are open: the Two Rivers Bridge, the Big Dam Bridge, The Junction Bridge and Clinton Presidential Park Bridge.

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