Visit Lake Ouachita State Park


Lake Ouachita is known by fishermen as the premier destination for crappie, bream, bass, catfish and trout. It’s a fun place for picnics, water skiing, swimming and other water sports. With over 40,000-acres, Lake Ouachita is even a good place for freshwater SCUBA diving. It’s been named one of the cleanest lakes in America and is the home of Three Sisters’ Springs.


Lake Ouachita is located in southwest Arkansas, near Hot Springs.

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Camping and cabins:

The park includes cabins, including some that overlook the lake and forest. Cabins start at around $100 and go up to about $230.

There are 101 campsites, including 40 Class AAA, 25 Class B, 24 Class D, and 12 Hike-in Tent sites. Campsites range from $10-27.


The park includes a swimming area, but no lifeguards. There is a marina with boat and watercraft rentals, bait and fishing supplies.

There are also hiking and rock climbing locations in the area.




It’s easy to get lost in Ouachita’s many coves and land masses. Be sure to make it back before nightfall if you don’t know the lake.

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