Visit Crowley’s Ridge State Park


Crowley’s Ridge is named after Benjamin Crowley, the explorer who first settled the area now known as Paragould. It’s known for a unique geologic formation, the ridge. The “ridge” is 210 miles in length and rises 200 feet in some areas. It serves as a natural division for the state’s delta region.

The park has many hiking trails and a lake. More interestingly, it was one of the many state parks worked on by the Civilian Construction Corps in the 1930s. Many of the log and stone structure they built still exist, giving the park a rustic feel.


The park is located nine miles west of Paragould on U.S. 412.
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Camping and cabins:

Authentic log cabin rentals start at $63/night ($73 in the summer). There are 18 Class D and 8 class B camping sites, starting at $10/night in the summer.


Groups facilities and a pavilion are available. Swimming and boat rentals available for additional fees.



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