Things to Do in Little Rock

For The Tourist / Can’t Miss Attractions

Little Rock has so much to offer, but these attractions are some of the best, most talked about attractions in Little Rock. If you’re just visiting Little Rock for a few days, these are things to see.

For Families

There are many family-friendly activities in Little Rock ranging from zoos and parks to museums and restaurants. Make the kids happy, and visit one of these great locations today.

For Singles

If you are looking for bars, downtown Little Rock is the place to visit. It’s a great location for singles to socialize at night. Most of the single people I know hang out at the Saucer and similar bars. Downtown North Little Rock has the Argenta area, which also has a few fun places for singles. When I think of being single, however, I don’t think of constantly wanting to meet Mr. (or Mrs.) right. I think activities like clubs and groups or even churches where I can fit in, meet new people and have a good time.

For Couples

Who could help but be romantic in a state like Arkansas? Little Rock has its romantic places too. Whether you’re looking to be romantic or you’re already there, you can find places to date, celebrate and plan your future together.

For Food Lovers

Little Rock has a great cross section of restaurants. While there are some good restaurants in the downtown area, you should venture off the path and hit Hillcrest and Riverdale. Some of the best restaurants in town can be found in those areas. Downtown is perfect for a quick lunch.

For Art & Culture Lovers

From museums on our history and symphonies to fun museums for kids to play and learn at the same time, Little Rock has a rich art scene.

For Shoppers and Shopaholics

The Little Rock shopping scene is growing by leaps and bounds. We have shops for bargain shoppers, people who love designer clothing and mid-level shoppers, like most of us.

For Sports Lovers

The Arkansas Razorbacks rule football and basketball in the state but Little Rock has other teams who play football, baseball and some more unusual sports. Check out these Chelsea vs Liverpool tickets here and choose from a wide selection of tickets and secure top seats for the game.

For Outdoor Adventurers

Arkansas is the natural state and Little Rock has a few natural adventures. For most, you’ll have to venture outside of the city to nearby locations, and if you’re planning an outdoor party or activity, getting an portable toilet hire can be essential for this event.

For Those On A Budget

Little Rock can be a reasonably cheap vacation destination. Many of our local attractions offer a discount or free days and we have a lot of high quality, budget local restaurants.


For Pet Lovers

You can adopt a pet or give your pet something to do. Little Rock offers many fun ways to bond with your dog, cat or other animals.

Little Rock At Night

Little Rock rocks at all hours with these clubs and bars. Follow the links to party, dance and meet fun people.

Little Rock During The Day

You can find things do during the weekday in Little Rock, but you won’t find bars and clubs open at that hour. You’ll mostly find lower paced attractions, but you don’t have to be a kid to appreciate them.


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