The Firefly Studio – Paint Your Own Pottery

For those of you with an artistic streak, there’s a place in Little Rock to express it! At Firefly, you can pick from a variety of different bisque figures, plates, cups, boxes and ornaments and paint them with the colors and designs you want.

If you don’t have an artistic streak, they make it easy! They have lots of special brushes and designs to help you make the perfect piece of pottery.

The Process

When you walk into the studio, you’ll immediately see examples of painted and glazed pieces for inspiration. The shelves are filled with unpainted ceramics with prices listed for every piece. The prices include everything you need to finish the piece. They host a wide selection of figures that are perfect for kids, from dinosaurs & snakes to giraffes & fish. They also have perfect gifts for adults like coffee cups, platters and plates. There’s something for everyone.

You choose your piece, brush it off (the staff will show you how), give it a quick wipe with a sponge and you’re off to pick your paint colors. You can pick any colors you want and as many colors as you want. Colors of pottery look different when fired so look at the examples on the tiles near the colors. Pick your paint and take your piece to one of the many tables where you can start your masterpiece.

On the table, you’ll find tips and some decorating tools. They also have stamps and sponges if you need them. After the piece is painted, you sign it and it’s off to firing and glazing. The worst part about the studio is that it takes 5-7 days to see your finished piece. After I paid for mine, they told me when I could pick it up.

The Price

When I visited, prices ranged from $10 for a small tile to $48 for a large platter. The majority of the items were around $16. That price includes paint, brushes and other helpful decorating tools, help from the pros if you need it, glazing and firing and “studio fees.” That basically means you can sit there and work on your piece for as long as you need, with anything you need, without paying extra.

They also have a frequent buyers program. If you spend a certain amount, you get to paint something for free.

Special Events For Kids (Birthdays and Camp)

There are special figures for kids to paint during birthday parties at the studio. The parties cost $15 per child, and include all pottery supplies needed. Parents must supply the cake and drinks but the studio provides decorations, invitations, balloons and help to keep the kids occupied. Parties require a minimum of 6 guests.

According to the studio is also hosting special summer camps to teach kids certain painting techniques. Call them and see when the next class is.

Location / Contact Information

The Firefly Studio is location at the Village in Pleasant Valley (I 430 and Rodney Parham Road). They are right next to the Dixie Cafe and in the same shopping center as Wild Oats Market (formerly Beans and Grains) and Chili’s. You can call them at 501-225-1403.

They are open M-S from 10:00-6:00.

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