The Best Pizza in Little Rock

The Best Pizza in Little Rock

I haven't done a scientific study to prove this, but commonly quoted Arkansas trivia says central Arkansas has more independent pizzerias per capita than any other city. Even if that's not true, we do have a lot of them. It's hard to pick a favorite. Do you want hand-tossed, Neapolitan, thin, Chicago style or New York style? Even then, there are multiple great choices for each style of pizza. Even most of the fine dining restaurants in the city feature pizza on the menu.

Damgoode Pies

Damgoode Pies has some unique sauces and great salads, but even standard pepperoni tastes great at Damgoode Pies. I prefer their hand-tossed crust. Try their red sauce or white sauce for something special. The original location on Kavanaugh has kind of a fun vibe, while the main sit down location on Cantrell is a typical pizzeria. Their downtown location features a brewery.  Who can argue with pizza and beer?  Locations are 6706 Cantrell Road, 2701 Kavanaugh Boulevard, and 500 President Clinton Av. 501-664-2239 reaches all the locations.

ZaZa Fine Salad and Wood Oven Pizzas

ZaZa is as close to a real, Neapolitan pizza as you can get in Little Rock. ZaZa is known for their fresh, local ingredients and their wood-fired oven. Wood-fired pizzas tend to be crispy and thin, with fewer ingredients than beefier pizzas. ZaZa makes a great salad and gelato too. Located at 5600 Kavanaugh Boulevard, 501-661-9292

Iriana's Pizza

Iriana's has been in downtown Little Rock for decades, and it's no wonder. Locals love their sweep the floor pizza (which is like a supreme), served on a nice doughy crust you won't find anywhere else. Located on 201 East Markham Street, 501-374-3656.

The Pizzeria At Terry's Finer Foods / Pizzeria Santalucia

If you're looking for authentic,handcrafted, Neapolitan-style pizza, this is the place to go.  They started as a food truck, but now they've got a home base at Terry's Finer Foods.  This is nothing like the American style pizza we're used to.  There pizzas are fired in an authentic, wood-fired Italian oven. They have a nice cocktail list.

Pizza Cafe

If you like thin crust, Pizza Cafe is the place for you. They have an excellent thin, buttery crust with the right amount of crunch. Located at 1517 Rebsamen Park Rd, 501-664-6133. They also have a great outdoor dining.

U.S. Pizza Company

U.S. Pizza has several locations in Central Arkansas and they serve medium to thin crust pizza that is delicious. Located at 2710 Kavanaugh Boulevard (501-663-2198), 5524 Kavanaugh Boulevard (501-664-7071) and 9300 North Rodney Parham Road (501-224-6300).

Shotgun Dan's

Shotgun Dan's has a fun theme and a unique, tangy dough. They are known for loading their pizza with toppings. The crust is not Chicago style, but the topping amount is. Located at 10923 West Markham Street, 501-224-9519.

Larry's Pizza

Larry's is well liked because of the huge variety of toppings and pies they have to choose from. People love their lunch buffet because you can try a little of everything. They even have dessert pizza. Kids love the variety, and there's something here for everyone. There are a lot of Larry's Pizza locations in Little Rock including 12911 Cantrell Road (501-224-8804), 3405 Atwood Road (501-261-1400) and 1122 Center Street (501-372-6004).

NYPD Pizza

NYPD Pizza serves New York style pizza. Their best deal is the slice of the day. At lunch, you can try a sample of one of their gourmet pizzas for a steal. Located at 6015 Chenonceau Boulevard, 501-868-3911.

Gusano's Pizza

Gusano's is where you go for Chicago style pizza in Little Rock. They have a great location in the River Market with big TVs and a sports bar atmosphere. Chicago pizza has a deeper crust than most pizzas and lots of toppings. Located at 313 President Clinton Avenue, 501-374-1441.


Grady's serves subs, salads and pizza. Before the proliferation of independent pizza joints, Grady's was one of the few places to go for a great pizza. They have competition now, but they have a crust that is not too thick or too thin, and they don't skimp on the toppings. They also have great subs. Grady's is located at 6801 W. 12th St. Suite C, 501-663-1918.


Vino's is another oldie, but goodie. I put them on the list, but if I'm being honest, people go to Vino's for the atmosphere and bands. The pizza is secondary. One unique thing is that you can order any pizza by the slice. They also have house brewed beers. Vino's is located at 923 W 7th, 501-375-8466.

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