The Best City Parks in Little Rock

Arkansas has many state parks but many of them are too far away to visit often. I bet you didn't know that Little Rock has many city parks within a close distance. Here are some of the best parks in and around Little Rock (the farthest is Pinnacle and that's only about 30 minutes away).

War Memorial Park

This park is located on the north side of I-630 at the Fair Park Boulevard exit. It is one of Little Rock's oldest and most popular parks. The park has facilities for golf, picnicking, fishing and playground equipment for kids. It also has a splash pad. It's located close to the Little Rock Zoo, Ray Winder field and the War Memorial Fitness Center (which has a swimming pool). 501-371-4770.

Allsopp Park

This park, located on Cantrell and Cedar Hill Road, has become one of Little Rock's most used metropolitan parks. You can find a playground, a baseball field, tennis courts and biking and hiking trails here. It's a great place to bring the kids.

MacArthur Park

The main draw of MacArthur Park is the Arkansas Arts Center. However, the park itself is quite nice. There is a pond, playground equipment and ducks.  It is located at 9th street and I-30. It makes a great picnic spot! 501-372-4000.

Murray Park

Murray Park, on Rebsamen Park Road, is right along the Arkansas River. It's a great place to go walking with your pets. It is also great for kids. It has eight pavilions, three soccer fields, two playgrounds and a boat dock. It's also a nice place to go fishing.  Murray Park also has a dog park.

Burns Park

Located in North Little Rock on the north side of I-40, Burns Park is probably the most popular park in Central Arkansas and it is one of the largest municipal parks in America. You'll find playgrounds, two golf courses (disc and miniature), a water slide, an amusement park, a softball field, tennis and racquetball courts and even a camping area here. 501-791-8537

Emerald Park

This is another North Little Rock park located near I-40. It is a bit more natural than Burns Park with 135 acres, a one-mile walking trail and four scenic overlooks to the Arkansas River. It's a nice place to go for a hike and commune with nature.  501-791-8537,

Pinnacle Mountain

This state park is located in Roland (about a 30 minute to an hour drive from Little Rock). It's a great place for camping, hiking and picnicking areas. It's also good for bird and wildlife watching.  There are two main trails up the mountain, with one, the west summit, being a bit easier.  The east summit can be a challenge. If you don't want to hike up a mountain, picnic facilities and nature trails can be found in the natural setting around the visitors center and west summit trailhead.

Two Rivers Park

Two Rivers Park offers approximately 450 acres of mostly wooded wetlands area and 550 acres of open fields. It is connected to the River Trail and is the most natural portion of the River Trail. You will find lots of deer, birds and other wildlife, making it perfect for birdwatchers, photographers and nature enthusiasts.

Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park is the home of Riverfest and the Riverfront Riverfest amphitheater. It covers eleven blocks on the South bank of the Arkansas River in downtown Little Rock. It has many nice walkways and paths and even a history walk area where you can learn a little about Little Rock.

Kanis Park

Located on I-630 & Rodney Parham, this park has a softball field, playgrounds, bike trails, jogging trails, basketball, tennis, picnic tables, and pavilions. It is a favorite with skateboarders in Little Rock.

Boyle Park

This is an unlikely item to make a best-of list, but Boyle Park is actually improving. Once considered a "bad area," the park has now been improved with bike and walking trails and some playground equipment in some areas. Almost every day in the summer you see families fishing and playing there. I think it's a beautiful park, despite it's past reputation.

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