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Mark Martin : NASCAR Racer biography

Who is Mark Martin? You’ve probably heard the name before. If you are a racing fan, you probably know him as one of NASCAR’s superstars. If you live in Arkansas, you should know him as one of our hometown celebrities.

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Martin was born on January 9, 1959, in Batesville AR. He now lives in Daytona, Fl with his wife and four children, however, he keeps in touch with his roots by running his father’s business, J-Mar Express, in Searcy, Arkansas.

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Martin started his racing career in 1974 in a car built and sponsored by his father. In 1989, he won his first NASCAR Winston Cup at the North Carolina Motor Speedway. He soon became the 6th modern era driver to win four races in a row (he won at Watkins Glen, Michigan, Bristol and Darlington). His career as a racer was taking off and continued to do so. In 1997 he broke the all-time Bush series record to win the race. He is still the career wins leader in the Bush National Series with 47 wins. It is said Martin probably is the most respected driver on the circuit, learn more about cars from these guys.

He is one of the most highly regarded racers not only for his great achievements on the asphalt but also for his good looks. Many female NASCAR fans think this speed racer is also a speed stud. Judging from his many female fans, you might think he was a professional actor or model.

Mark Martin has written a book about his life, Driven to Race and co-written a book about NASCAR racing, NASCAR for Dummies.

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