Louisiana Purchase State Park in Brinkley

See Where History Was Made

The Louisiana Purchase State Park marks the junction of Lee, Monroe and Phillips counties preserves the initial point from which all surveys of the property acquired through the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 initiated. That year, President Thomas Jefferson purchased the vast territory of Louisiana from France for $15 million. The unmapped wilderness of approximately 900,000 square miles doubled the size of the fledgling nation and helped shape the destiny of the United States. 

This is a low amenity park. There are no campsites, no picnic tables. The park seems a bit intimidating (I recommend bringing a friend) with no ranger station nearby. A warning sign tells you the gates automatically close at 9:00 and gives you a number for a ranger. 

Basically, it's a swamp with a sign and a 950-foot elevated boardwalk to the monument. It's really pretty and peaceful, however not a park for a family getaway. 

Located in Brinkley(Google Map).


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