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Little Rock Average Monthly Temperatures

Little Rock, and Arkansas in general, experiences all four seasons with an average rainfall of 49.57 inches. We are considered a subtropical climate with warm, humid summers and short, cool winters.  Our temperatures are affected by the warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico and the cold, dry air from Canada.  Little Rock is in USDA Hardiness zone 8a, though some maps classify Little Rock as 7b.  These maps were updated in 2012, and 8a is the current zone, however the zones are similar enough that you can use either one in most cases.

Although the average temperatures for the summer months seem tolerable, the humidity in Little Rock is high (especially in August) and that can make the heat seem more draining. High humidity makes hot temperatures more constant, and the higher the relative humidity, the higher the temperature actually feels. We can also be subject to late summer droughts.

Temperatures in the summer can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, with an average high temperature of 72.8 degrees Fahrenheit. August is typically the driest and hottest month in Little Rock.  The period from July through September is our driest period of the year.  Little Rock receives almost 50 inches of rain annually, which is higher than the national average, however we also average 3097 hours of sunshine, which is also higher than the national average.

Winter temperatures rarely dip below 30 degrees Fahrenheit with an average low temperature of 52.5 degrees Fahrenheit.  December, January and February are the most likely months for snow, however snow is generally a light mix and short lived.  Ice can be more problematic in Arkansas.  The last year that Little Rock got more than 6 inches of snow was 1995.  In 2011 and 2016, we had a little over 5 inches of snow.

Overall, the weather in Little Rock is quite pleasant, with our worst weather problems occurring during tornado season, typically March, April and May.  Tornadoes can be a big issue as Little Rock is in “Tornado Alley,” which is an area of the United States that has more tornadoes than average.  Arkansas receives an average of 7.5 tornadoes per 10,000 square miles.  Only 10 states get more tornadoes on average than Arkansas.

Average monthly temperature, rainfall and humidity are taking from many different collecting points and so the numbers may vary from one source to another. The official temperature is taken at the Little Rock National Airport.

(temps are low/high)
Average temperature: 32°F/51°F
Average rainfall (inches): 3.54
Average AM Humidity: 80%
Average Afternoon Humidity: 52%
Average Humidity: 70%

Average temperature: 35°F/55°F
Average rainfall (inches): 3.66
Average AM Humidity: 81%
Average Afternoon Humidity: 50%
Average Humidity: 68%

Average temperature: 43°F/64°F
Average rainfall (inches): 4.65
Average AM Humidity: 79%
Average Afternoon Humidity: 46%
Average Humidity: 64%

Average temperature: 51°F/73°F
Average rainfall (inches): 5.12
Average AM Humidity: 82%
Average Afternoon Humidity: 45%
Average Humidity: 64%

Average temperature: 61°F/81°F
Average rainfall (inches): 4.84
Average AM Humidity: 88%
Average Afternoon Humidity: 52%
Average Humidity: 71%

Average temperature: 69°F/89°F
Average rainfall (inches): 3.62
Average AM Humidity: 89%
Average Afternoon Humidity: 52%
Average Humidity: 71%

Average temperature: 73°F/92°F
Average rainfall (inches): 3.27
Average AM Humidity: 89%
Average Afternoon Humidity: 48%
Average Humidity: 69%

Average temperature: 72°F/93°F
Average rainfall (inches): 2.6
Average AM Humidity: 89%
Average Afternoon Humidity: 47%
Average Humidity: 69%

Average temperature: 65°F/86°F
Average rainfall (inches): 3.15
Average AM Humidity: 89%
Average Afternoon Humidity: 50%
Average Humidity: 72%

Average temperature: 53°F/75°F
Average rainfall (inches): 4.88
Average AM Humidity: 87%
Average Afternoon Humidity: 45%
Average Humidity: 69%

Average temperature: 42°F/63°F
Average rainfall (inches): 5.28
Average AM Humidity: 84%
Average Afternoon Humidity: 49%
Average Humidity: 70%

Average temperature: 34°F/52°F
Average rainfall (inches): 4.96
Average AM Humidity: 85%
Average Afternoon Humidity: 53%
Average Humidity: 69%

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