Bill Clinton Little Rock Tour

Everyone knows that Clinton was born in Hope, but he spent a lot of his Arkansas time in Little Rock. The obvious place to start is the Bill Clinton Presidential Center and Library.  Clinton was governor for a while.  You can visit the Arkansas State Capitol and Governor's Mansion to see where he worked and lived as governor.  He also spent a lot of time at some little known places around the city.  Here are a few off the path places that he used to visit when he lived here.  You can create your own "Bill Clinton's Little Rock" tour.

This is the squeaky clean version.  We all know he had a little controversy when he lived here.  You can throw in some sites from the Clinton Scandal Tour if you want to see a few of those too.

Doe's Eat Place

This steak house in Arkansas is a favorite restaurant of Clinton, even now. Located at 1023 West Markham St. in Little Rock it shows that Clinton was a down-home kind of guy. However, this place is a popular gathering place for politicians. 501-376-1195.

Broadway McDonald's

Who can forget all the jokes about Clinton and McDonald's? It's true, Clinton would stop at the McDonald's in downtown Little Rock (701 S. Broadway) all the time. It was on his jogging route, and he had to stop and grab a snack (namely hamburgers and Egg McMuffins). Back in the days of Phil Hartman's Bill Clinton, Saturday night live would often do sketches about Clinton and his McDonald's habit.

Jog Like The President

Despite his bad eating habits (see above) Clinton tried to stay healthy by jogging every day. His route took him from the Governor's mansion at 18th and Center through downtown Little Rock (but downtown Little Rock looked a lot different back then).

Chenal Country Club / Rebsamen Park

Clinton frequently golfed at this private club. The Chenal Country Club is located at 7 Chenal Club Boulevard in Little Rock. He also sometimes golfed with the little people at the Rebsamen Golf Course on Rebsamen Park Road. That course is open to the public

The Old State House

This site served as the backdrop for Clinton's victory announcements both times he won the Presidency. It's located at 300 W. Markham and hosts a museum. 501-324-9685.

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