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Big Rock Fun Park is an “upscale entertainment facility” offering many different types of outdoor fun for families.  The activities include mini-golf (the only courses in the metro area), go-karts, bumper boats, an arcade and batting cages.  All activities have a separate fee.

The park has two mini-golf courses.  The courses include shade, waterfalls and even an Old Mill replica.

Go-karts go around a twisted track.  Go-karts come in single and 2-seater models, so parents can drive kids around (see restrictions).

The bumper boats are a little calmer than the go-karts.  You direct a small, round boat around a pool (and can bump into your family members).

The arcade has over 30 games, including skee ball and Dance Dance Revolution.

For the batting cages, you can play serious or fun.  You can use their equipment or bring your own.

They also have a maze and a rope course.


One mini-golf course is handicap accessible.

Go-kart driver must be at least 56″ tall to drive karts, and at least 56” tall with a valid drivers license to carry a passenger. Passengers must be a minimum 36” tall to ride.

Bumper boat captains must be 5 years or older.

Batting cage batters must be 48″ tall and only one batter per cage.


Each activity has a separate cost, but there are combination prices and discount days.

  • Go-karts:  $8.00 – Single Kart, $10.00 – Double Kart
  • Bumper Boats: $7 per ride.
  • Batting Cages: $1.00 per round, $20.00 for 30 minutes or $35.00 for 1 hour
  • Mini-Golf: One Round: $9.00, Two rounds: $15.00
  • The Arcade is $1 for 4 tokens.
  • Rope Course: $10
  • Amazing Maze: $8

Special Deals:

  • 3 activity wristband -$21.00 (activities include, go-karts, bumper boats or batting cage)
  • Double wristband – $29.00  (4 activity wristband for a small child and adult)

Birthdays and Groups:

The parks has some group discounts and a birthday party packageCheck the birthday party planning guide for other places to have your child’s birthday.

Group discounts can take anywhere from $1-2 off each activity (minimum of 20 for a group discount).

Contact Info/Location:

Located at 11411 Baseline Road in Little Rock.  Check out their website and Facebook page for more information.

Local View:

This is a great little park for families and groups.  The owners are doing a great job making a safe, fun place to relax with your family.  A whole day here can get kind of pricey for a big family, but it’s a fun treat.  It reminds of some of the places I used to go when I was a kid!

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