Best Rides for Bikers in Arkansas

The perfect motorcycle drive has to be twisting, hilly, scenic and not too busy. Arkansas has many scenic routes that bikers can enjoy. Our roads will take you through National Forests, parks, and scenic vistas. We're not called the natural state for nothing. They'll also really test your skills as a driver. And if you’re looking to buy a new motorcycle, check out these affordable motorcycles for sale near me.

Arkansas Scenic Byway 7 - 290 miles

Scenic 7 goes through two national forest and Hot Springs National Park.  It's over 200 miles of great Arkansas scenery, going from the MO border to the LA border of Arkansas.  Drivers pass through some of the most scenic portions of the state and outstanding fall colors.  Along the way are many opportunities to camp, hotel locations and outdoor recreation options.  The biggest problem with the road is that cars often travel it too, especially in the fall

The Pig Trail (AR 23) - 19 miles

Full of corkscrew turns like a pig tail (it's not called the pig trail because of that), this is a great drive that goes through some of the most scenic parts in the state, especially in spring and fall. It's called the pig trail because it's the route many Arkansas Razorback fans use to get to Fayetteville to "call them hogs."  The freeway is the route used by most fans these days, but the pig trail still sees a lot of car traffic on game weekends.

Viewing Elk in Boxley Valley, Ponca and Jasper, Arkansas - varies

Boxley Valley is the home of Elk in Arkansas, so an early morning ride will probably put you face to face with these creatures. If you take highway 21 to highway 74, you'll be greeted with great scenery, long hills and tight, twisting curves. Jasper is a great little town too

The Dragon's Tail (AR 123) - 15 miles

Another ride for you adventurous types, this ride will take you through tight hairpin curves and switchbacks.  Trucks and large vehicles are not even allowed on this road because of the "impassible hairpin turns."  My friends tell me the scenery is great, but they are too busy maneuvering their bikes around the curves to really enjoy the scenery.  Start at the intersection of Highway 7 and Highway 123 in Lurton and take 123 northeast.

Talimena Scenic Drive - 54 miles

This drive is 54 miles between Mena, Arkansas, and Talihina, Oklahoma. It goes up Rich Mountain and winding Star Mountain, offering great dips and turns, scenic views and great vistas.

Push Mountain Road - 23 miles

I have been told by several bikers that this is probably the most fun road to ride on in Arkansas.  Crooked and steep, push mountain will have you making dizzying turns up the mountainside and descending to the valley below.  The road is a mere 23 miles, but it's worth it if you're riding in the area.  Push Mountain Road is located near Mountain View.  It's about 10 miles past Blanchard Springs Caverns.

Sylamore Scenic Byway - 27 miles

This beautiful and twisty road goes from Calico Rock, through the Ozark National Forest's white oak-hickory forests and shortleaf pines.  There are many picturesque views along the way.  Blanchard Springs Caverns and the Ozark Mountain Folk Center are also along the way.  It's a great, short drive.

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